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The art of entertaining

July 30, 2020

Nothing makes the cottage feel more special than when it’s full of family and friends. But the idea of entertaining everyone can seem overwhelming. Thankfully journalist, cookbook author, and cinnamon bun magician Amy Rosen is here with tips to take the pressure off when it comes to feeding a crowd. Nothing will wake everyone up in the morning like the sound of the woodpecker alarm clock. We’ll share what a yellow-bellied sapsucker is really up to when it’s pecking away first thing. And then we visit something all cottage-goers love: a well used deck of cards. 


Special thanks to:

Amy Rosen, journalist, cookbook author, and CEO of Rosen’s Cinnamon Buns


Articles referenced:

All Hands on Deck” by Michelle Kelly (Cottage Life magazine, November/December 2002)


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Nature sounds provided by:

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker: Michael Andersen / Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab (ML133139)


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