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July 2, 2020

Life Below Zero star Sue Aikens, who is famous for living off the grid, shares her thoughts about what it’s like to live in isolation, especially during COVID-19, and offers advice to the cast of Life Below Zero Canada, the Cottage Life channel’s newest hit show. If you spend time in the wilderness, you might meet an otter—a silent and stealthy creature, until it’s not. Find out what sounds the otter makes and what they mean. One sound every cottager is familiar with is the buzz buzz of a particular pesky insect. We share a classic essay about taming the mosquito.


Special thanks to:
Sue Aikens, Life Below Zero
You can find Sue on Twitter: @sueaikens


Articles referenced:
“This Mortal Coil” by David Zimmer (Cottage Life magazine, June 2006)
An ode to mosquito coils


Related resources:
River otter sounds courtesy Wild Otter Acoustics, a non-profit group studying vocalizations and behaviors of North American river otters. 


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